Author: Barry Stephen

14th January 2019

I’ve always been a great lover of travelling, experiencing a higher quality of service, eating fantastic food, meeting new people and being in a warm climate.

Going on holiday is by far and above my most exciting time of the year – a chance to explore new things, try different foods and chill. My other and main passion in life is fitness and helping people to improve theirs.

Starting a fitness retreat company was always going to be something I would explore when the time was right. Luckily for me that opportunity came in the form of the Silverfield Villa. I fell in love with this place from the offset: to be fair its hard not to. A fantastic, luxurious property in an enviable location and perfect for a fitness based holiday.

After many trips to the villa and surrounding area to finalise our programme, our first retreat opened in September 2017. We had 14 excited guests ready to be part of a unique experience. To be honest, this was for us, both an exciting and anxious time. Would we have what it takes to put on something they would remember and look back on forever? We had put so much effort and planning into every detail, we wanted it to be perfect. Of course I would be lying if I said it was perfect, all good businesses should continually look for improvement, but the reality was the vast majority of our guests rebooked within a week of coming home for the following years retreat! We were absolutely delighted and instead of running one retreat in 2018 we decided to do two back to back giving more people the opportunity to experience what we were building.

2018 gave us two absolutely fantastic groups of people. The first week more intimate with only 11 guests, the second more vibrant with 20!

Over the course of the two weeks we had many different people with different training experience and backgrounds. We had a teenager, a couple in their 60s who were retired, a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy, a woman recovering from breast cancer, a guy that stayed for the full two weeks, and someone who’s never flown before.

What I’m trying to tell you is that this retreat is for everyone and all our sessions can be easily scaled up or down. Our team is here to support each and every person with the end goal being that you all leave happy, fulfilled and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

There were many highlights from the two weeks, but seeing people climb to the top of Boca Dela Pesca when they had to turn back the previous year due to either a fear of heights or injury was a proud moment. There is no better feeling for a trainer when you see a client achieve something they once couldn’t.

On a personal note I faced a fear of my own. On the Wednesday afternoon of each week guests had a choice to either chill by the pool, visit the stunning Alhambra Palace, go shopping and see the city of Granada or wait for it Go Cliff Jumping!! Unfortunately for me I drew the short straw of taking the crazy cliff jumpers. Heights are not too much of an issue for me so long as I feel safe, the thought of throwing myself off a cliff into open water surrounded by rocks and trees however wasn’t really in my comfort zone. As it transpired I managed to throw myself off a 16m ledge on the side of a cliff face and survived to tell the tale. It turns out that seeing a 60-year-old woman who is also your client throw herself off a 10m-cliff edge gives you the motivation needed to face your fears ☺

In 2019 we will welcome back just over half the guests who booked on 2018 as well as welcoming back a couple who attended in 2017. We are also looking forward to meeting new guests from locations all over the UK. These retentions speak volumes for our retreat and future success of it. We have looked at every aspect of the 2018 programme: what was a success, and what needed improvement. We hope to bring our best package yet in September 2019.

If you have booked on for 2019 you can be assured we are very excited to be meeting you and getting the opportunity to coach you, mentor you and advise you to achieve great things. Our message is not that you should come on our retreat and lose a stone, yes you will lose weight but what’s the point if it all goes back on once your home? Instead our message it is to educate and support you to make the right decisions to take control of your weight and health long term. The week itself is a fantastic motivator both pre and during but it is up to us to make sure that it’s a motivator for you post holiday to. After all every end is a new beginning. See you in September ☺